AORA Health is an R&D company focused on developing tools to enjoy a long and healthy life, by helping reducing stress levels, follow a balanced diet and practice an active lifestyle.

Who we are

Our mission is to improve people’s wellbeing, by bringing scientific research to the highest possible number of consumers. Our goal is to help people treating and preventing various disorders with products with proven results. We want to influence in the adoption of better habits that contribute to improving quality of life.

What we do

We develop and sell nutraceuticals with proven efficacy through clinical trials, considering aspects such as bioavailability, stability, ease of use, intake, and other complementary factors which allow every person achieve its objectives of health and wellness.

In an industry, where regulation is complex or confusing, AORA applies processes and control parameters belonging to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. All steps, from product design, formulation, manufacturing, process control, storage and transportation, follow a rigorous and comprehensive analysis of evaluation and control, using the most advanced human and technological means to achieve the best possible nutraceuticals. All ingredients are standardized in the selected active principle.

We work in close collaboration with prestigious agents and scientific bodies, both public and privately financed.

Our Values


We use the right ingredients, processes and technologies that guarantee the effectiveness of our products, bringing research closer to our community.


We integrate our work with our customers, partners and associates to make an impact. We promote continuous improvement towards best results, while we preserve our environment.


Less is more. Products shall be easy to use. We want to communicate and disseminate scientific knowledge in a straightforward manner.


We are thrilled with a job well done. No shortcuts. We speak the truth. We are transparent.