We apply scientific and medical research to the development of nutraceuticals in order to create effective and specific treatments. We adhere to European regulations and standards implemented in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries. Including Research, Manufacturing and Distribution, such as Good Clinical, Manufacturing and Distribution Practices. GCP, GMP and GDP.


We implement quality control processes from A to Z. We use traceability programs, we guarantee our standardized ingredients and we apply scientific evidence whenever possible. We study every process as a whole, from the origin of our raw material, to the manufacturing of our products, warehousing and distribution as a finished product.


In AORA, persons are our first priority. We check, since product conception, properties such us ease of use, practicality, taste, nutrient absorption, stability, etc.


With a passionate group of experienced professionals, in AORA we closely work with associated companies, universities, medical associations and prestigious research centers and scientific groups.


With access to over 8.400 m2 of laboratory space, furnished with advanced equipment (HPLC,mass spectrometers, digesters, genomics services…) by being strategically located at Parque Científico de Madrid, we constantly cooperate with first level research groups and institutions.

“Let food be your medicine, and medicine, your food”.

Hippocrates, 400 b.C.