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Aora Life

Within the Spanish territory, AORA Health distributes part of its products through the “AORA Life” brand.

A través de esta rama, la marca se centra en la búsqueda del bienestar personal de sus consumidores, distribuyendo varios productos repartidos en gamas orientadas a facilitar la vida de las personas. Todo ello centrado en nuestro claim: Aora, mejora tu vida.

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Aora products can be found in more than 390 pharmacies distributed across Spain.

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Aora Life Products

Wellness range
Those products designed to improve our everyday life, achieving an optimal version of ourselves.
Aora Night
Powerful antioxidant that helps achieving a reparing and deep sleep.
Aora Day
Powerful antioxidant that helps by reducing stress and anxiety levels, supplies more energy and helps the cognitive function.
Potent antioxidant effect, anti-aging celular regenerator. It reduces wrinkles, improves hydration and protects the skin from solar radiation.
Aora Intensive Capillary
Capillary activator that favors, slows and strengthens, through a 6-in-1 action on hair and nails.
Health range
Products with complete natural origin, thought to ease symptoms of diverse ailments, and without side effects.
It inhibits cholesterol biosynthesis, provides coenzyme Q10 and helps improve the health of the arteries.
Activate and protect your memory, helping to maintain it and improves concentration.
Aora Slim
It captures fats, sugars and calories, while reducing appetite and controlling pecking between hours.
Aora Articular
100% solution to help against joint wear. Clinically tested in the elderly and athletes.
Aora Enzymax Duobiotics
Ayuda a la consecución de una digestión óptima y a la vez restaura la flora intestinal con su acción de liberación dual “capsule in capsule”.
Food range
Protein bars, with fiber, vegetable protein, vitamins and minerals.
Aora Food
Mix of 22 fruits and vegetables. A bar is equivalent to a piece of fruit and vegetables. Two bars can replace a meal. It contributes to maintain the function of the immune system and blood vessels, protecting cells from oxidative stress. It helps keep bones, teeth, gums, and homocysteine ​​metabolism healthy.

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