Developed with standarized molecules of the greatest quality with clinically tested results.

The only range of digestive products with dual-release system. Effective both in the stomach (acidic pH), and in the intestine (neutral pH), provides a complete variety of enzymes of non-animal origin. The only effective solution both prophylactically and symptomatically.
Enzymax Forte
Quick action dual-release product. Thought for pancreas issues, indigestion, IBS and Crohn's disease.
Enzymax Duobiotics
It helps to achieve optimal digestion, and at the same time, restores the intestinal flora with its dual-release action "capsule in capsule".
Enzymax Antigas
Prevents gas produced by cereals, vegetables and legumes. Help for indigestion and pancreas issues.
Enzymax Single
Thought for pancreas issues, indigestion, IBS and Crohn's disease.
First Strike
Prophylactic product composed by 5 enzymes that helps digestion.
Women health
Product range completely designed for women. Comfortable to use products with greater bioavailability that cover most of the needs during breastfeeding and the phases of pregnancy.
It contributes to the development of the baby's brain helping cell multiplication and division.
Iron Max
Supplement for iron deficiency with greater bioavailability than pharmaceutical alternatives and without side effects.
UTI Cranbiotics
Innovative dual-release solution aimed at the urinary tract and vaginal care.
Fertility Woman
It helps preconception, induces ovulation and the correct maturation of the oocytes. Adjuvant in in vitro fertilization techniques.
Our range with more clinical studies and support from the scientific community. With clinically proven effects against depression, stress and anxiety without side effects.
It brings down stress and anxiety, while improving mood and reducing insomnia. Studies in adults, teenagers and as an adjuvant to treatments with antidepressants.
Aora Day
Powerful antioxidant that helps by reducing stress and anxiety levels, supplies more energy and helps the cognitive function.
Aora Night
Powerful antioxidant that helps achieving a reparing and deep sleep.
Clinically proven results for cardiac protection during ischemia and reperfusions (heart attacks) without side effects.
Integral treatment, which inhibits cholesterol biosynthesis, reduces oxidation of LDL, helps improve arteries' health and provides coenzyme Q10.
It protects the heart and helps recovery of ischemia, while reducing systolic pressure and improving arteries overall health.
Derma: beauty
The only range of oral ingestion products to treat the symptoms of psoriasis, without side effects. No need for topical application, without corticosteroids nor immunosuppressive effect.
Relieve mild and moderate symptoms of psoriasis and similar skin diseases.
Potent antioxidant effect, anti-aging celular regenerator. It reduces wrinkles, improves hydration and protects the skin from solar radiation.
Our range of products specialized in eye care.
Vitreal Degeneration
Improves the subjective signs of vitreous floats. It supports the proper formation of collagen and the functioning of blood vessels.
Diabetic complications
Helps improving macular function, color and contrast sensitivity in diabetes with vision complications
Macular degeneration
Joints, bones, muscles
Our range of products specialized in the protection, care and maintenance of our joints. With clinically proven effects in both the elderly and athletes.
Aora Articular
Allows quick and lasting relief of joint pain, caused by wear or overload.
Natural solution for joint care clinically proven in the elderly and athletes.
Weight Control
Product range focused on weight control aid without aggressive therapies and it has plant origin. It helps to eliminate calories and reduce appetite.
Slim Up
Product for a triple-action weight control, by satiating effect, fat burning and inhibition of carbohydrate absorption.
Hospital nutrition
Enteral Nutrition: Range of controlled foods for patients with long hospitalization, with a variety of products for the most common uses in enteral feeding. Mainly intended for patients with compromised immunities (Chemotherapy), with dysphagia or fragility. Ideal for pre and post operative.


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