About us

We develop, produce and distribute

Who we are

We are a company for nutraceutical investigation and development.

We create innovative, scientifically proven solutions, with specific benefits designed to complement or replace pharmaceuticals. Our mission is to improve people's well-being through nutraceutical products with proven benefits and backing it with science.

What do we do

We develop, produce and distribute nutraceuticals* with an unique and innovative approach.

Our job is to provide a integral service to companies that want to have a higher level of quality in their commercialization lines. At Aora Health we work to develop and manufacture innovative, effective and safe nutraceuticals; supported by the passion, enthusiasm and extensive experience of our team, as well as by the material resources and laboratory equipment we have.

Food supplements that through clinical trials have shown benefits in the prevention or treatment of disorders or diseases.


AORA's mission is to improve well-being by bringing scientific research to as many people as possible with innovative and clinically proven products.


It comes from the word "ORA", that in the native New Zealand toungue (one of the countries with the highest happiness rate according to the World Happiness Report) means "being alive, healthy and fit".

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